Where can I find it?

Q: I recently lost my folding reader glasses that can be tucked into a tiny case. Haven’t seen this item recently available, but I’m confident you will have a source. They are great to fit into a small purse. Thank you. Betty Harrison, Atlanta

A: Betty, while you'll find plenty of folding readers online, they're disappearing from brick and mortar stores. Two of the three options I have for you are closing them out, and only have a few left on hand. Call Mori's Luggage and Gifts, Lenox Square, 404-231-0074. This location has a handful of Cross folding readers that come with plastic cases for $5.99. They were regularly about $20. The glasses are on sale until they sell out, then the store will no longer carry this item. At Edwin Watts Golf, 3150 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, 404-816-2166, you'll find a few On The Go folding reading glasses that come with a zip-up case for $19.99. They won't be stocked for much longer, either. However, you'll find a regular supply of Kikkerland folding readers with a zippered case for $7.93 at Richard's Variety Store, 931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, 404-879-9877.

Q: As children, we always had bedspreads for summer and comforters for winter. I can find only bedspreads that are quilted like comforters. Where can I find a selection of bedspreads that are light and not quilted? Thank You. Bill Labrum, Jonesboro

A: Bill, it does seem as if all bedding today is geared toward making your bed look like a giant marshmallow, year-round. It's completely logical to think that with the area's overabundance of warmer months, there would be plenty of lightweight traditional bedspreads available. While lightweight bedspreads are still around, more often than not, they're online, not in stores. For example, if you want to go retro, check out Stylemaster 100-percent cotton diamond tufted chenille bedspread, $59 for a twin and $93.71 for a king, at Walmart.com. You have the option of having it shipped to your home or, better yet, you can have it shipped free to the Walmart nearest to you. That way, you can take a look at it and decide if the bedspread fits your needs. Another option is Kohls.com. There are several thin bedspreads available online, and a few in stores. For instance, when I checked, Kohl's, 5220 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, Hiram, 678-567-0151, had a traditional bedspread, Home Classics, Mary, in queen size in stock, but not in other sizes. Unfortunately, it's no longer as simple as walking into a department store and having a large selection from which to choose.

Q: I have been trying to locate a vendor or store where I can purchase sablefish, otherwise known as black cod. I have tried several of the ethnic grocers, such as Tomato Japanese grocery store, Buford Highway Farmers Market and DeKalb Farmers Market, but have had no luck. Can you help? Millie Clark, Acworth

A: Also known as butterfish, blue cod, candlefish and coal cod, sablefish isn't really part of the cod family at all. This rich tasting, deep-sea fish comes from the bracing waters of the Pacific Ocean. Locally, you can find black cod in the frozen seafood department of the South Korean market Mega Mart, 2106 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, 770-817-6400. The fish sells for $7.99 per pound.

Q: A long time ago, my family would take Sunday drives out in the country and my father would stop at small country stores for snacks. I would usually find the chewy coconut bar with three stripes of strawberry, plain and chocolate coconut. The brand was Candy Farm. I always look for it when I’m in smaller stores, but haven’t seen it in years. Is it still made? Thanks. Thom Johnson, email

A: Candy Farm is part of Ohio-based Friesenger's Chocolates, and these Neapolitan coconut slices are still around. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate made up the flavors of this chewy nostalgic candy. You'll find all you want for $1.49 each at Intown Ace Hardware, 1404 Scott Blvd., Decatur, 404-378-6006. They're stashed next to the Necco candy wafers at the front registers.