Where can I find it?

Q: I would like to find, in the Atlanta area, a person who does weaving to repair a small hole in a boiled wool Geiger jacket. Sometimes they are called blind weavers, French weavers or a restorer of fabrics. No one seems to know of anyone in this area who does this type of work. M. Patricia Seguare, Gainesville

A: I’m going to send you to Finest’s Reweavers, 44 Broad St., Atlanta, 404-525-1352, which has been in business for about 30 years. The shop specializes in reweaving and restoring a wide variety of garments and materials. If you want to see samples, check out the website at

Q: I’m looking for a special flour to make pizza dough. The recipe calls for Caputo 00 flour. I can’t find this at all, and no one seems to know what I’m talking about. Thank you. Pat Mason, email

A: The double zero in flour refers to the texture. For instance, Italian flours get their classifications according to how finely they’re ground. So, a coarser ground would be a 1 or a single zero, and the finest receives double zeros. The double zero flours also boast a lower protein content, thus lower gluten, which gives your crust just the right amount of elasticity to produce a bit of chew in the center, and a nice amount of puff around the edges. Tuscany at Your Table, 1050 N. Highland Ave., NE., Atlanta, 404-205-5092, carries a couple brands of double zero flours, including the most well-known, Antimo Caputo 00 flour from Italy. A 2.2-pound bag costs $3.90.

Q: My granddaughter received a very nice whiteboard for Christmas, but the colored markers she uses have an awful smell. I want my little granddaughter to enjoy drawing at my house, but I’ve got to find something better for her to use. My niece told me about a brand called Expo that doesn’t have that problem. Can you tell me where these might be found in the Milton area? Thanks so much. Jane Wright, email

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A: Jane, you can find Expo low-odor dry-erase markers in assorted colors at Staples 945 North Point Drive, Alpharetta, 678-366-0245. A package of eight markers costs $11.79.

Q: When I was a junior high, the only lipstick my mother would let me wear was Tangee. It was a lipstick that came in only one color, but it adapted to the skin tone of the wearer. On me, the orange lipstick actually turned into a soft pink that was perfect. I’d love to find this again and see how it looks on me now. I hope it’s not discontinued. Thank you for your assistance. D. Baker, email

A: The Tangee lipstick you knew in junior high is still available today. While it’s been around for over 70 years, Tangee lipsticks now are sold through, or by calling 800-547-7849. A 1-ounce tube costs $15.95. If you plan to order Tangee over the phone, the item number is 61436.

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