Where can I find it?

Fox’s U-Bet original chocolate syrup also is available in a sugar-free version.
Fox’s U-Bet original chocolate syrup also is available in a sugar-free version.

Q: I cannot locate Iams lamb-and-rice dog biscuits anymore. Can you help me? Susan Hawkins, Atlanta

A: Susan, according to the representative I spoke with at Iams, the company stopped production on its dog biscuits last spring. However, Iams also owns Nutro Natural Choice pet foods, and the rep suggested you might want to try the grain-free, all-natural lamb-and-potato biscuits as a substitute. You can find a 1-pound bag of Nutro dog biscuits for $9.99 at Pet Supermarket, 2900 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 404-841-5770.

Q: I have multiple old film canisters that I would like to have processed. Is there some place in the metro Atlanta area where I can take 35mm film to be developed? Thank you. Cindy Farrington, email

A: Cindy, I have the ideal place for you. Check out Wings Camera and Digital, 3100 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, 404-636-4406. This 106-year old establishment will develop color as well as black-and-white film. You'll pay $12.99 for 24 exposures and $15.99 for 36. Expect about a week's processing time.

Q: For years, I’ve bought Bruce’s sweet potato pancake mix in a large box. It’s now completely disappeared. I’ve looked in every store I can imagine. Occasionally, I run across the mix in a small envelope, but those are too small for my family. Is the big box available anywhere? I don’t mind driving. K. Flynn, email

A: This flavorful mix provides pancakes quickly by simply adding water. While Bruce's complete sweet potato pancake and waffle mix is not as easy to find as it was once, it's currently available at The Fresh Market, 2480 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, 404-321-0674. A 24-ounce box costs $6.99.

Q: My family loved U-Bet chocolate syrup. What I’d like to find is the sugar-free version. Is it still available? Linda Johnson, email

A: You'll find Fox's U-Bet original sugar-free chocolate syrup in the squeeze bottle, alongside the regular version, in the kosher section of Kroger, 2205 Lavista Road, Atlanta, 404-633-8694. An 18-ounce bottle costs $5.99. Ingredients include water, maltitol, cocoa, celluose gum, caramel color, natural and artificial flavor, vanillin and salt.