Where can I find it?


Where can I find it?

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You can thank the jalapeño peppers in Ketchapeño for revving up the heat in this usually tame condiment.

Q: I am looking for candy-coated Jordan almonds. My grandmother gave these to me when I was younger, and recently one of my coworkers had them. She is from Texas and said she finds them at her local grocer. Are there any grocers in my area that carry them? Or are they out only around Easter because of the pastel colors they come in? Adrienne Aycock, Stone Mountain

A: Adrienne, Jordan almonds are often used as favors for various festivities from weddings to baptisms, and even during Easter, so they’re available throughout the year — if you know where to look. I found three local resources for you, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding these crunchy, nutty treats. At Party City, 2100 Henderson Mill Road, Atlanta, 770-414-9900, you’ll find Jordan almonds in both white and pastel colors. A 44-ounce bag will set you back $19.99. Jordan almonds also are available at the Atlanta Nut Company, 2999 Amwiler Road, Atlanta, 770-242-8835. Pastel only. There’s a five-pound minimum at $6.59 per pound. You’ll have to be exceptionally fond of the candy to walk away with that hefty bag of nuts. Finally, you can get as few or as many as you want at Green’s Fine Food, 141 E. Trinity Place, Decatur, 404-378-2001. These brightly colored Jordan almonds sell for $12 per pound.

Q: This might be a long shot, but I’m trying to find a store in the area that sells milk chocolate candy bars wrapped in million dollar bills. I want to use them for birthday party favors this summer, so I’m looking for a dozen or so. I saw some online called Bartons, but they’re pretty expensive at a dozen for about $25, and that doesn’t include shipping. Plus, I don’t really like the idea of having chocolate shipped in the Atlanta heat. I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you. Jen Smith, email

A: Barton’s Million Dollar Bar comes as two ounces of solid milk chocolate made in the USA. The whimsical wrapper mimics a million dollar bill. You can find these at bargain prices — a buck a piece — at Dollar Tree, 2036 Johnson Ferry Road, Atlanta, 770-458-9397.

Q: Please find gallon jugs of Arizona kiwi-strawberry, a delish drink. Thank you. J.S., Stockbridge

A: Arizona kiwi-strawberry fruit juice drink contains no preservatives, artificial color or flavor. The gallon jug is available for $2.78 through walmart.com with free two-day pick up. Simply place your order online, and designate which store location is most convenient, then pick up your juice at customer service. You can order as few or as many as you like, and there’s no extra charge for in-store pick up.

Q: I’ve been looking everywhere for a spicy ketchup called Ketchapeño — ketchup with a jalapeño kick. I can find it online in bulk, and if I find a single bottle, it’s over $10. Any chance of you finding this locally for me? Thanks. Stan Jernigan, email

A: Produced in small batches by Ketch On Fire, a food company based in Chicago, this ketchup with a bite from jalapeño is available locally, so you won’t have to buy a case, nor will you have to spend a small fortune on a single bottle. Check out Super H Mart, 6035 Peachtree Road, Doraville, 770-986-2300, where you’ll find your spicy condiment. An 18-ounce bottle will set you back only $3.99.

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