Where can I find: Yorkshire pudding, Dreft spray, pork jerky

Q: I have a good friend from England who can find several products she was used to having back home in local grocery and import stores, but she often speaks about ready-to-bake Yorkshire puddings, which she hasn’t found. I think they’re frozen. I don’t cook much so I wouldn’t try making them from scratch, but I would like to see if it’s possible to find these so that I could surprise her with them. I would appreciate any help you might give me. Thank you. E. Johnston, email

A: I think your friend will be pleased when you present her with Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings, which come ready to bake, like the ones you described. They’re packaged 12 per box, and sell for $6.95. You’ll find them in the frozen foods section at Taste of Britain, 73 S. Peachtree St., Norcross, 770-242-8585.

Q: We have enjoyed Weight Watchers cereals — Oat Clusters with almonds is delicious, and there was another one with cherries that was really tasty as well. Almost as soon as we discovered this healthy breakfast treat, we couldn’t find it in any stores. My sweet husband got on eBay and found some people who sent some to us. Could you find out where we might buy this cereal? Thanks so much. Ava White, Gainesville

A: Ava, you don’t need to go through eBay to enjoy Weight Watchers cereal. I spoke with someone at Weight Watchers and was told that the cereal was available through Publix stores. The stores I called, however, didn’t have it in stock, but I was told that the cereal can be special ordered. The process is simple, but it takes between four to six weeks for a special order item to make its way to the store. All you have to do is visit any Publix market, ask a customer service representative or cashier to fill out a special order form for you, and your Weight Watchers cereal will be on its way.

Q: I have a car seat in my car for my grandkids, and it gets used a lot. I’ve been trying to find a fabric spray by Dreft that is supposed to remove odors. I can find the laundry detergent, but not this spray. Please help me find it. Thanks. Meg Doyle, email

A: Dreft fabric refresher and odor eliminator is formulated to remove odors from many baby related items, including car seats, bedding and changing pads. You can find 22-ounce spray bottles for $3.99 at Babies R Us, 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy., Dunwoody, 770-913-0222.

Q: My fiancé recently gave me the best pork jerky I have ever had in my life. It is from Singapore and known as bakkwa. I have only been able to find it on Amazon, but would love to find this locally. Surely, with such a high Asian population, there has to be someplace in Atlanta that has this. Thanks for your help. Harry Keller, Tucker

A: While salty-sweet bakkwa is similar to jerky, it’s a softer product, with a higher moisture content. Often served as part of the Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore and Malaysia, bakkwa originated in China. I found a few local options for you to sample. Check out Great Wall Supermarket, 2300 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, 678-957-0098, where you’ll find several brands of packaged bakkwa pork jerky; prices start at $3.99. Buford Highway Farmers Market, 5600 Buford Hwy., Atlanta, 770-455-0770, stocks two bakkwa pork jerky flavors from Canada in Chinese aisle 29. Each 3-ounce package costs $3.99. And, for a different take, you can order bakkwa as an appetizer at Top Spice Thai and Malaysian restaurant, 1529 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 404-685-9333.