Where Can I Find It: Kemps Ice Cream, Bump Fighter razors, cedar liners, powder puffs

Q: Living in the Midwest, we always enjoyed Kemps ice cream. I’ve searched the Atlanta area and have never found it here. I realize that it’s a long shot, but I wonder if you could find out for me if it’s available anywhere in the north Georgia area. I’d be willing to drive a ways to get my hands on some Kemps chocolate ice cream. Thanks so much for any help. Dan Roberts, email

A: I wasn’t familiar with this ice cream at all, so I was pleasantly surprised to come across Kemps vanilla and chocolate ice cream flavors at Buford Highway Farmers Market, 5600 Buford Hwy., Atlanta, 770-455-0770. Kemps comes in red-and-gold 56-ounce cartons that sell for $5.09 each.

Q: Can you please help me find Bump Fighter razor cartridges? I use to purchase them from Wal-Mart, but it no longer carries them; nor have I been able to find them at other stores. Thank you. J. L. Weatherspoon, Roswell

A: These are getting harder to find but you can order the cartridges through www.walmart.com, however, they can’t be delivered to the store for pick up. They do ship without any extra charges though. A package of five refill cartridges costs $5.26. Look for Wal-Mart number 000268764 when ordering.

Q: I want to add some cedar liners to my closet shelves. I’m looking for real cedar wood that’s already precut to fit on standard shelves. Where can I find it? Thanks. Greta Pierce, email

A: Cedar America offers natural shelf liners made of cedar planks that measure 12 inches by 1.25 feet. You simply drop the sections in place on your shelves. Each section is made up of three planks that sit slightly off of the shelf’s surface. They cost $11.99 per section and are available at Lowe’s, 4950 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Chamblee, 770-220-0153.

Q: I still enjoy using dusting powder, but none of the ones I buy come with one of those fluffy puffs. Really, that’s the best way to get a nice, even application that’s not too heavy. I can’t find any in the stores, and I don’t mind ordering one if I knew where to look. I use the computer a little, but I’m not comfortable ordering products online. Any help is appreciated. M. Smith, Atlanta

A: I found a simple way for you to order a set of three plush powder puffs without having to do so online. Check out www.vermontcountrystore.com and look for the set under health and beauty. If they look as if they would suit your needs, you can then call 800-547-7849 to place your order. The item number is H2683, and the set of three puffs sells for $9.90.