3 ways to save on grocery expenses

Every budget-conscious consumer could use some tips on how to save money on groceries, with food prices reported to have increased three percent between 2014 and 2015 according to The Motley Fool.

Prices on meat continue to climb due to factors like livestock disease. Benjamin K. Glazer, features editor for DealNews , has provided some ideas for how consumers can combat the rising costs of grocery shopping. He offers practical choices you can make when deciding on your supermarket spending.

Some consumers are scaling back on travel and have reduced meals out at restaurants to save money. Glazer's insights give consumers the tools to keep the category of grocery spending from surpassing the monthly cost of health care, housing, phone services and utilities.

Research before selecting shopping location

Research would entail checking out all the deals available at grocery stores in your area and checking the local circulars. For grocery shopping, you sometimes have to get the Sunday paper and check the coupons to uncover the weekly deals.

Online grocery shopping does have some benefits. It is a great place to connect with all your favorite brands, which often gives exclusive deals to people who follow them on social media.

Menu planning reduces impulse buying

Impulse buys are budget-killers!

Predictability is very good for budgets. If you know what you are eating for dinner every night of the week, you can go to supermarket and pick up everything you need and be done with it. Staying out of the supermarket can often be very good for your budget.

Replace animal proteins with vegetable proteins at least a few times a week. Have dry beans or canned beans, even if it means going 50 percent meat and 50 percent beans.

Bulk purchasing as saving strategy

Another factor of saving money is buying in bulk — which can be beneficial, but also has some pitfalls. When you are buying in bulk, make sure that you are really saving money on the unit price. Also, make sure that you are buying things that you are actually going to use before they spoil.