Vegan mom of 5 creates popular haircare line Camille Rose Naturals

After looking at the ingredients of creams for her child dealing with eczema, Janell Stephens, a mother of five and founder of Camille Rose Naturals , decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

Stephens had recently transitioned from vegetarian to vegan and this helped her on her quest to create products that would ultimately become the popular natural hair care brand, Camille Rose Naturals.

In her kitchen in Louisiana (She later moved to Georgia), Stephens set out to create a vegan brand that incorporated total wellness. The health of the products and hair, she decided, was most important.

Using "foodie" ingredients, she created a line of cleansing, conditioning, and styling products for the whole family's hair needs. Camille Rose Naturals are for all hair types and textures. The products range from $11-22 and are sold all over the country. The best-selling Almond Jai Twisting Hair Butter is a hit among women who are looking for moisture and curls that last.

We talked to Stephens about the best-selling brand that you can now at Target and other stores nationwide.

Q: What were the first items you sold?

A: We started selling our body creams. I created the creams to help clear up severe eczema on my kids skin. They were also a natural SPF.

Q: With so many natural hair brands out, what makes Camille Rose Naturals unique?

A: We are an ingredient driven brand, which makes a huge difference in the health of your hair. We are more than a hair style, we are a life style!

Q: What types of natural ingredients do you use in your products?

A: We use an assortment of exotic butter creams and organic oils from different regions in the world. We also brew our oils with herbs and use vegan milks in our butter creams

Q: On which hair types do you recommend using Camille Rose Naturals?

A: We create products for all cultures and hair types! If your hair is straight or natural, you can use our blends. We are a multicultural, ingredient driven, lifestyle company.

Q: Do you have a new collection coming out soon?

A: Our latest collection is the Leave In Trifecta! Honey to hydrate the hair, Herbal Tea to seal and soften, and Latte to define.

Q: What are your goals for Camille Rose Naturals?

A: Camille Rose Naturals is dedicated to Health, Beauty, Lifestyle and Total Wellness. We hope to create a space that translates this message and create products to use for all of our daily needs. Stay tuned and be on the look out for more of Camille Rose Naturals Treatments.

The new leave in collection debuts September 1 at