Kids at birthday parties can still enjoy an avalanche of treats without pounding a piñata with bats or sticks.
Photo: Goodie Gusher
Photo: Goodie Gusher

Safer alternative to the piñata for kids' birthday parties

What is it?

Goodie Gusher holds sweet treats and treasures and is billed as "1,000 times more fun than piñatas."

The festive Goodie Gusher easily hangs just about anywhere -- indoors or out. Little slots fitted with colorful keys cover the exterior of the Goodie Gusher. Kids simply take turns pulling out a key, and the child who plucks the magic key releases all the treats, allowing them to tumble to the ground. The Goodie Gusher is cleverly designed to make sure that plenty of kids get a turn at a key before the treats are released. There's no worry that one of the first few kids will get all the fun; in fact, it's not impossible to have more than one turn. The Goodie Gusher is designed for up to 15 kids.

Why do I need it?

Because it's painful to watch very young swing wildly at piñatas only to clobber another child on the head or, worse, an adult in the most delicate and embarrassing region -- usually below the belt. I realize that we're under the impression that little tykes love the flashy bouncing piñatas, but the reality is that they often bring about more pain than pleasure. Those awkward scenes led Goodie Gusher co-founder and mother of two, Patty Menow, to do away with piñatas at children's parties, but not the treasures or excitement they hold.

"I came up with the idea for the Goodie Gusher after attending a birthday party and watched anxiously as kids came dangerously close to hitting each other and not the piñata. So I approached my husband Steve, who worked in the toy industry, and we invented the Goodie Gusher, which is the safe alternative to the piñata. Kids simply take turns hoping to be the one to pull the magic key that unlocks a shower of prizes," Menow said.

Unlike a piñata, the Goodie Gusher, which is made of hard plastic, doesn't fall apart and can be used over and over. It's available in pixie pink and blue space monsters, with Nickelodeon characters coming in the near future.

To see Goodie Gusher in action, check out this video.

Price, please.


Where can I buy it?

Bottom line:

Blindfolded children spinning and hitting the air aren't all that much fun for anyone -- except when they're compiled into epic piñata fails on YouTube. Goodie Gusher provides an entertaining and less chaotic alternative to the piñata for the very young.

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