Read Shop bookstore is the newest addition to Vinings Jubilee

Atlanta has many great communities, and Vinings is one of them. There's a nice mix of retail, dining venues and residential living. This summer the Vinings Village neighborhood saw the addition of new retail establishment Read Shop —the local bookstore concept of entrepreneur Dan Collier. Collier is known for his other businesses that include Atlanta's The Merchant, Collier Candy Company, and Archer Paper Goods. This is Collier's first retail venture in Cobb County.

"We're very excited to set up shop in Vinings Jubilee," said founder Collier. "Read Shop isn't your typical neighborhood bookstore and we look forward to growing with and getting to know the Vinings community."

Read Shop specializes in The New York Times' bestseller book list and carries fiction, non-fiction, home and garden books, classics and children's literature, as well as regional and Southeast-driven publications. Shelves are also lined with periodicals and greeting cards. The store is located in Suite 125 of Vinings Jubilee directly across from Guaco Joe's, and it faces New Paces Ferry Road. There is a small coffee shop annex in the works for Fall 2016. The Read Shop is open 7 days a week. 678.742.7853.

Here is what Dan Collier had to say about the opening of his fifth brick and mortar business.

Q: What led you to the bookstore business?

A: Our background is wholesale— and on the wholesale side we sell a lot of books. I have been a wholesaler selling books to retailers in bookstores for the last 20 years...out of the Atlanta Gift Mart. I have represented lines such as Rizzoli, Universe, Abrams, Hachette and that sort of stuff. We have a good working history of books and I personally have a great love for books. I knew that it was something that I wanted to do.

Q: Why was the Vinings area chosen for the bookstore location?

A: We chose that area because I have a history with Vinings Jubilee. I know the property management very well. I know that area and really like it.

Q: Where are your other businesses located?

A: We have 4 other retail locations in Atlanta. We own Archer Paper Goods in Ponce City Market and we own Collier Candy Company at Ponce City Market.

Q: What is it about Atlanta that you like for doing business?

A: I have been here for 25 years and I have always been enamored with Atlanta. Atlanta has been very good to me. I love the people here, I love the city, I love the energy, I love the vibe, and I love the airport. I can fly anywhere via Delta. There are great restaurants and there are great retailers here. It's one of the friendliest cities in the South. It is the capital of the South. What's not to like!

Q: What makes the Read Shop different from major chain bookstores?

A: It is very pared down. The first category we cover is The New York Times' bestseller list— the top 15 books in fiction and the top 15 books in non-fiction. They are always there in store. Everyday you can walk in and see those top 15 books. We have a nice greeting card selection there. Everything is paper. There's no candy, there's no writing instruments, there's no toys, there's no gifts, and no distractions. It's just books, magazines and greeting cards. Straight to the chase!

Q: When is the accompanying coffee shop projected to be opened?

A: We are working on that now and we hope to have that finished by mid-to-end of October. We don't ever do anything small. We are going to put in two nice counters, a big espresso machine, a coffee maker for making drip coffee, brewed coffee and iced coffee. It is going to be a great addition to the bookstore. Book-lovers love books, and coffee-lovers love books. It goes hand-and-hand!