New York style of fitness brought to Atlanta

Looking for a unique workout experience to get your body ready for swimsuit season? Then look no further. SculptHouse offers an amazing workout experience for its clients. Using the most sophisticated human powered machines on the market, this gym is not like any other gym you will find in Atlanta. With its no electricity-powered equipment, the gym literally runs on manpower. Clients use their own body weight and strength to work out and get in the best shape of their lives.

SculptHouse was founded by University of Georgia graduate and former Wilhelmina fitness model Katherine Mason, whose love for fitness inspired her to start this gym. Mason, having grown up an athlete, knew she wanted to pursue a career in the sports industry. So she started her career in public relations and sports marketing in New York City, but later switched to something more active, the fitness industry.

"I worked in a few different top fitness studios and did fitness modeling," said Mason. "Through my experiences, I realized that I had an idea that was going to change fitness in the South."

Mason knew she wanted to do something different -- that challenged even the fittest workout afficionados -- in the state known as much for hosting the largest 10K in the world as it is for peaches and sweet tea. After using the Megaformer she absolutely loved the challenging machine and knew she wanted to combine the machine with some type of cardio.

The Megaformer has been used in many Pilates classes and is popular among celebrities in Hollywood.

Along with the Megaformer, Mason also uses the NFL-endorsed machine the Woodway Curve. The Curve is a treadmill, but instead of being powered by electricity it is powered by your own strength. With these two machines she created a low impact and high efficiency workout, CardioSculpt.

"Our signature class, CardioSculpt, combines the Lagree fitness method with cardio for 50 minutes of strength training, cardio, core stability training, stretching, balance training and more," said Mason. "It is everything you need in one place in under an hour."

The Lagree fitness method is a strength and conditioning method using the Megaformer. The Megaformer targets every inch of your body with slow and controlled movements that strengthen and lengthen muscles. It also jump starts your metabolism, increases your flexibility and improves your posture, with little stress on your joints.

There are many fitness gyms in Atlanta, but SculptHouse offers a New York Style of fitness and along with it a new fashion trend called athleisure, which combines fitness and casual clothing.

This is what makes SculptHouse different from other gyms because it is also a full-scale activewear boutique.

"I wanted to do something that combined my passion for fitness and workout wear that had come about from my time in New York," said Mason. "At a Shape magazine photo shoot, I realized that the fitnesswear space was changing to be a more boutique feel and moving away from the big box names, so I wanted to bring that to Atlanta."

The boutique offers different outfits from designers such as Koral, Mara Hoffman and more.

"New York is a few years ahead with the athleisure trend so I'm really excited to see it coming here to Atlanta," said Mason.

Visit the SculptHouse website for more information about classes.