Add some brain to your bling

No longer do health trackers look like, well, trackers. Today, you can get a beautiful piece of jewelry or a fancy watch disguised as a tracker. Some even connect to your smartphone.

“We are increasingly digitizing all of the objects around us,” said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist with the Consumer Technology Association. “As sensors become more sophisticated, what we put on our bodies will become smarter and able to capture, track and analyze our world.”

Leaf: The necklace is designed to monitor activity and sleep. It promises to provide breathing exercises to bring stress under control. It will also track your period and ovulation. $119.99 at

Citizen Proximity Watch: This watch is Bluetooth compatible and will alert you to calls, emails, texts and reminders. It also has a perpetual calendar chronograph with a second time zone and power reserve. $525 at

Ringly: These look like rings with large stones (ranging from emerald to black onyx) but they connect via Bluetooth to your phone and will vibrate when you have a notification. They emit various colored lights so you can determine which notification you're receiving. From $195 at

Ear-O-Smart photo: These earrings track your calories, heart rate and activity level. They connect via Bluetooth to your phone and are a very subtle way to stay connected. They will be available in the United States in mid-2016. About $127 at

Apple Watch: These watches are nearly as smart as phones. They let you receive and respond to notifications — but you can also use them to buy food, play music and track your exercise. Use Siri to tell you your schedule or give you directions on the go. A Hermes version starts at $1,100, but there are all different styles to fit every wrist and budget. Starting at $349 at

Moto 360: It's a smart watch for those with Android phones (though they also work with iPhones). The watch, which charges wirelessly through a charging dock, will keep you connected even if your phone is out of Bluetooth range. It has a heart-rate monitor, a virtual health coach and sends a weekly email summary of your activity. Starts at $299 at

Altruis Silver & White Necklace: This smart necklace is platinum plated and has a white ceramic Altruis stone. But under it all is its brain: an electronic circuit board and a rechargeable battery plus sensors, which will vibrate to alert you to a notification. $430 at

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet: This works with a Fitbit Flex to make the tracker look like a bracelet. The Fitbit will continue to work exactly the same. $195 at

Withings Activite Pop: This watch tracks all your activities — including swimming and sleeping. It has an eight-month battery life, so you don't have to worry about taking this off for a charge. $149.95 at