2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for gadget lovers

Americans are more wired than ever. Finding a way to wow gadget lovers can be challenging, but here are a few gift ideas to help you get started.

ExploreEero Wi-Fi, $199, eero.com

Help a techie replace outdated routers with Eero. Plug Eero directly into the modem, then depending on the size of the home, add additional Eeros or Eero Beacons to eliminate dead spots. One Eero covers up to 1,500 square feet. It also features an intelligent software system that learns and optimizes your space, network usage and devices.

ExploreBelkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 7.5w, $50, Belkin.com

The cable-free way to charge smartphones, smartwatches and other wireless devices offers convenience and speed to keep devices fully charged. Belkin has several options starting at $50 for a 7.5-watt version. There is also a 10-watt version for superfast charging.

ExplorePai Augie coding robot, $200, Pai-technology.myshopify.com

For young techies, consider Augie, a coding robot with augmented reality technology. Augie helps introduce children age 5 and older to coding language while engaging their creativity. It offers gameplay through a free app that includes coding tutorials. It is also available at Amazon and Target.

ExploreAn Artful Pillow padded laptop case, $28, thebeehiveatl.com

A padded laptop case from Atlanta-based contemporary quilter Lisa Durfee is a unique option for transporting laptops. Get them at Beehive Atlanta, 1250 Caroline St., C120, Atlanta. 404-581-9261, thebeehiveatl.com.

ExploreHidrate Spark 2.0, $45, hidratespark.com

This 24-ounce smart water bottle helps record water intake throughout the day by syncing via Bluetooth Low Energy to the free iOS or Android app. When it’s time to take a sip of water, the bottle glows as a reminder. It is dishwasher safe (the sensor must be hand-washed) and BPA free.

ExplorePhilips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp, $199, Amazon.com 

The newest light therapy lamp from Philips includes a new RelaxBreathe function to help users unwind at night. The lamp also features a simulated sunset. A simulated sunrise wakes the user up naturally along with his or her choice of music from the FM radio or seven natural sounds. Other features include mobile phone charging, multiple light settings including a reading light, and eight hours of backup power. Purchase one now through Dec. 31 and it comes with a free three-month subscription to Headspace, the guided meditation and mindfulness app.

ExploreBrondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat, $149, brondell.com

Add a tech upgrade to the toilet with a premium toilet seat that is both heated and well lit for nighttime bathroom runs. The four temperature settings can be adjusted for year-round comfort, and the slam-free lid keeps things quiet. The seat is powered by a standard wall outlet. It is also available at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other retailers.

ExploreMark and Graham Charging Bracelet, $159, markandgraham.com

Ladies with a mobile lifestyle will appreciate this lightweight bracelet that can charge an iPhone while they roam. Connect the bracelet to a power source (it charges in 90 minutes), then charge an iPhone up to 50 percent in 40-55 minutes. The charge in the bracelet lasts for up to 30 days. The stainless-steel bracelet is available in two sizes, four colors and can be engraved for a personal touch.

ExploreKohler Moxie Single-Function Showerhead, $200, us.kohler.com

There will be lots of singing in the shower with this showerhead that streams music, news or talk radio into the shower through a portable wireless speaker that pairs with Bluetooth-enabled devices. With a speaker directly in the showerhead, the sound is close and clear. The easy-to-install showerhead also offers full-coverage spray. Pop the speaker out to recharge it or use it as a wireless speaker around the house or on the go.

ExploreNomad Slim Wallet, $80, nomad.com 

Tile Tracking helps guys keep track of this made in the USA leather wallet. The Nomad Slim Wallet has room for 12 cards. It has two cash pockets and a pocket with a Tile Slim that uses Bluetooth and crowdsourcing technology to help guys keep tabs on the wallet so it can never be lost. The veggie tanned leather develops a classic worn look over time.