Rooftop mural at Peachtree Center brings optical illusion to downtown

In recent years, more murals have been popping up across Atlanta. Now, one mural brings public art to new heights. The rooftop of Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta is now adorned with a mind-bending mural.

The recently completed mural is bringing public art in Atlanta to new heights

Atlanta is chockablock with murals. In recent years especially, more pieces of public art have been popping up across the city. With wall space getting tight, one downtown Atlanta building decided to take murals to a new height — the roof.

The rooftop of Peachtree Center, the famed downtown mixed-use development designed by architect John Portman, is now adorned with a mind-bending mural.

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“Paradigm Shift” is the handiwork of a German artist known as 1010. He’s known for creating “obscure shapes underlined by amazing effects of optical illusion,” according to a press release from Peachtree Center.

“The mural has transformed the previously bare rooftop at the rear of the beautifully renovated Peachtree Center Plaza, fostering a sense of excitement and creative energy for the thousands of office users able to view it each day,” the release reads.

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The mural was created through a partnership with International Corporate Art and Living Walls. It joins other artwork at Peachtree Center, including the mural known as “Smyphony,” which is among the largest works of public art in the region.

“We see great opportunity in bringing art to our workplace and even to some unconventional places,” said Rudy Touzet, CEO at Banyan Street Capital. “This rooftop, which is surrounded by six office towers, was a blank canvas that was ready for reimagining. Our tenants have expressed excitement over the unique optical illusion outside their windows and how it tied these buildings together.”

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Earlier this year, the city of Atlanta worked to splash the city with dozens of new murals ahead of the Super Bowl.

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