Shaggy, a 3-month-old neutered Yorkshire terrier/Chihuahua mix, is a small, affectionate, silly puppy who will, like all puppies, need structure and training to be his best. His foster mom described him as “a small dog with a big personality.” Toy breeds can be more difficult to housebreak than larger breeds, so Shaggy will need proper confinement (use of a crate is best) and a patient owner using positive reinforcement to help him. Toy breeds are not suitable for young, boisterous children, so Shaggy requires a home with adults only or very well-behaved teenage children. He would likely be scared of large, boisterous dogs, but if you have a smaller, playful dog, or Shaggy will be the only dog in the home, he might be right for you. Take care not to step on or sit on this little guy, and be prepared for him to be underfoot. Shaggy will need to be brushed regularly and trimmed occasionally by a professional groomer. Both of the breeds in Shaggy can be noisy and snappish if they are not socialized and trained properly, and they definitely don’t need “spoiling,” though they can get cold easily. Small dogs are smart and love to learn, so obedience training will be fun for you both! If you are looking for a very small dog who loves people, this cute pup may be just the ticket. Please research the needs and problems associated with toy dogs before coming to visit Shaggy. Shaggy is up-to-date on his puppy vaccinations (though he will need a rabies shot) and has been microchipped and dewormed. He will be available at 2 p.m. today at the Atlanta Humane Society, 981 Howell Mill Road N.W. Sealed bids will be accepted starting at 10:00 am if more than one party is interested. Please note that the highest bidder must meet adoption qualifications. Look at all our available pets at www.atlantahumane.org.