Refugee family reunited with cat after amazing journey

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This is not your typical missing cat story.
Kunkush, a Turkish Van, is a beloved member of an Iraqi family who fled Mosul almost four months ago. The mother and her five children brought Kunkush with them as they began their long, arduous journey.  
In November, the cat became spooked after riding with his family in a rubber boat from Turkey to Greece. The cat was separated from his family, who spent several hours looking for him, to no avail.
The family was forced to move on, but never gave up hope of being reunited with Kunkush.
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A poster was created to spread the word.

Dear friends, Please continue to share this story and this poster wherever you can as well as in the media if possible....

Posted by Reunite Dias on Friday, February 5, 2016

Kunkush was spotted days later in a nearby village, where he was being bullied by the local cats. Kindhearted locals made sure the cat got fed. The cat was taken to a local veterinarian’s office, where he was nicknamed Dias.
The cat was transported to Berlin where volunteers worked to reunite him with his owners. Right around Valentine’s Day, volunteers discovered the cat belonged to a refugee family in Norway and that the owners had been desperately searching for him. The emotional reunion was recorded by The Guardian.
Upon embracing the cat, the mother cries, “Kunkush, my life!”

Refugee cat’s epic journey to find familyKunkush the cat was a beloved member of a family who became refugees when...

Posted by The Guardian on Friday, February 19, 2016

Now that the family is once again complete, the immigrants plan on settling into their new lives in Norway.
A GoFundMe page was set up to cover the expenses of reuniting the cat with his family.