Couple creates giant bed to snuggle with 7 pets

A couple wanted to make sure that their five cats and two dogs had the chance to snuggle with them in bed at night, so they created a giant bed.

The image of the 11-foot bed was posted on Reddit by Robdogbird, and it has quickly gone viral.

The bed features a custom frame that holds a king-sized and full-sized mattress. There is under-bed storage built into the design, and steps help the less-agile pets move on and off the bed safely.

Some Reddit users wondered how hard it was to make the bed, and Robdogbird said that while it was a pain to make, having two sheet sets is convenient when one person wants covers and the other person doesn’t.

The photo shows the couple and almost all of their pets on the massive bed, enjoying all of the extra space to snuggle.

One of the couple’s cats, however, appears not to be impressed with the couple’s efforts and can be seen lurking nearby on the dresser.