8 ways to keep the kids busy on a snow day

When you're a kid, "snow day" might be one of the most exciting phrases you can hear. But when you're an adult … not so much. You may feel less than enthusiastic and wonder how you'll keep the little ones occupied all day.

And if one snow day stretches into two or three, you may be desperate for some activities they can do with you or on their own.

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The following things to do will help keep your kids busy so you won't repeatedly hear, "I'm bored," and they won't be staring at their screens the entire time.

Here are a few ways to keep them happily occupied, both inside and outside the house:

Make frozen bubbles.

Use some leftover bubble solution from the summer to make frozen bubbles if it's below 32 degrees outside. After you've made them, experiment with stacking them on your driveway or another cold surface, or see what happens if you try to put one in the freezer. explains how to make them.

Players learn the classic boardgame ‘Settlers of Catan’ on a massive version of the board at SXSW Gaming Expo. WILL HARRISON FOR THE STATESMAN

Break out the board games or a deck of cards.

Board games are great for keeping the kids occupied inside, and the whole family can join in if they'd like. Try one of the kids' games, or break out an old favorite you might have forgotten you have. And if you need a refresher on some card game rules, Kidspot has links to many classics, including rummy and spit.

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Hide colored ice cubes.

Bring an Easter egg-style hunt to your snowy yard with an ice cube scavenger hunt. Use regular ice cube trays or different-shaped muffin trays if you have them. Add a few drops of food coloring, hide your colored cubes in the yard, and let your kids start hunting.

Enjoy a delicious winter beverage and get ready for racing at the Hot Chocolate Run. RICARDO B. BRAZZIELL / AMERICAN- STATESMAN 2014

Make slow-cooker hot chocolate.

Get the kids to help you make some slow cooker hot chocolate, and they can use it to warm up when they come inside. has instructions that are quick and easy and only need five ingredients.

Build a living room campsite.

Create a campsite in your den or another area, and if the room has a fireplace, that's even better. Bring out the sleeping bags, pitch a tent (or make one out of blankets and couch cushions) and hang out in your pajamas.

Make some snow cream.

With just snow, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla -- with toppings like candy sprinkles of course -- you can make old-fashioned Southern snow cream. The best way to collect clean snow is by setting a large bowl outside as it's falling.

Bring the snow inside.

Bring some snow inside to keep kids who've been outside long enough happily busy inside. Put some in a baby pool or large tub, and let them make miniature snowmen or use cups and other tools to use as molds. And if you have a dog, cat or other pet who hasn't gotten out in the snow, you can let them check it out as well.

Make some decor to feed the birds.

Get the kids involved with making edible decor to hang outside. has several ideas with detailed instructions, including pine cones covered with peanut butter and birdseed, citrus cups filled with seeds and birdseed wreaths.

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