Photographer captures what really happens during newborn photo shoots

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An Indiana photographer caught a moment many parents experience with their little ones, and the image is spreading across the Internet.

Abbie Rogers was in the middle of a shoot with the Carlson family when their newborn son, Pryor, had the urge to urinate.

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"The baby started squirming, and he gave us a show ... coating my lighting and floor," Rogers told The Huffington Post Tuesday.

Pryor was just under 2 weeks old when the photo was taken, and Rogers caught the funny moment just in time.

She shared the image on her photography Facebook page March 3.

"It's happened before, but the photo is never that clear," Rogers told BuzzFeed News.

As for how the photographer keeps a clean workspace with naked newborns? She comes prepared.

"I just dab it up with paper towels and baby wipes and keep the session going," she said.

Rogers said continuing the shoot is easy, "as long as what happened doesn't ruin the photo or parents, and the backdrops aren't soaked."

"I do lots of laundry after newborn sessions," she said.

Despite Rogers getting interviewed about the moment, she insists that Pryor and his parents -- Jeff and Farren Carlson -- are the stars of the shoot.

"I knew it was funny, but it's just the reality of what happens during a newborn session," she said.

So .... This happened today! In case anyone wants to know what really happens during a newborn session.

Posted by Abbie Rogers Photography on Thursday, March 3, 2016