Online wine tasting event in Atlanta offers education with a side of bubbly

Atlanta restaurant Vino Venue will host an online wine tasting all about sparkling wines

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If you’re using your time at home to achieve connoisseur status in the world of wine, an online event next week may help take your expertise to the next level.

While a wine tasting may seem like one of the last things that could transition to digital event space, Atlanta’s Vino Venue has found a way.

On Monday, May 18, the restaurant will host an online wine class, focused on “bubbles and all that sparkles.” Here’s how it works, those interested in learning more about sparkling wines from around the world can purchase a ticket online for $49.99 per person.

The fee includes a list of suggested wines, which will be available for sale and curbside pickup at Vino Venue.

Then, during the one-hour event, “you will learn about the history, culture and language of wine through visual presentations, commentary and anecdotes from our personal experiences,” according to the restaurant’s website.

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“Sit back and relax as your sommelier instructor sets the stage for an unforgettable, educational wine experience. Our wine classes provide a unique context for the enjoyment of wine appropriate for every level of interest and expertise,” according to Vino Venue.

In addition to worldly knowledge of grapes and sparkling wines, attendees will leave with a copy of the presentation slides.


ONLINE CLASS: Bubbles & All That Sparkles
7-8 p.m., Monday, May 18
Registration details