Oakland Cemetery to restore historic east entrance to make grounds more accessible

More than 100 years ago, an east-facing entrance to Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery was closed to the public. Now, the Historic Oakland Foundation will construct a new gate, located near the former entrance, on the cemetery’s east end to make the grounds more accessible.

Construction is slated to begin late this summer on the new gate near the corner of Boulevard and Memorial Drive. This will “help restore the Cemetery’s connection with the Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown neighborhoods,” according to Oakland.

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“Reintroducing a gate here will not only be in keeping with historic precedent but, with the anticipated continued development along the Memorial Drive corridor and expansion of the Atlanta Beltline, will also allow a high volume of visitors to access the cemetery without having to walk to the pedestrian gate further to the west,” a statement from the Oakland Foundation reads.

The gate is part of ongoing efforts by the foundation to improve the cemetery’s east side.

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The improvements will also include new park benches, park stations and new signage. The cemetery has received funding through the  Aderhold Family Foundation and a Park Pride Community Building Grant supported by The Home Depot Foundation, according to the statement.