What’s your Atlanta IQ? New online quiz will test your knowledge

Explore Atlanta shares an online quiz to help Atlantans learn about the city from home

Some (somewhat) hidden gems to explore in metro Atlanta

Steve Saenz's whole idea for Explore Atlanta is to get people together and dive into history and stories across the city through walking tours.

However, with people homebound amid the coronavirus, Saenz has ramped up some of his digital assets on Explore Atlanta's website.

That includes an online quiz that will test your “Atlanta IQ,” according to a tweet from Explore Atlanta. At the very least, it will definitely put your knowledge of the city’s geology and geography to the test.

The first of the “five-minute” quizzes to be added to the site is all about the terrain, fault zone and bed rock.

Saenz plans to continuing adding to the quiz series, which he’s calling KnowATL, including the next one, which will focus on general Georgia history.

Think you know all there is to know about Atlanta's natural composition? You can give the quiz a try here or perhaps share it as a "home-school" lesson with kids out of school.

Explore Atlanta also has information online to dive into the city's history related to "freedom." It's an online component of Saenz's "Freedom Trail" walking tour.

Saenz, who runs Explore Atlanta, started leading walking tours through Atlanta after he retired six years ago. It was a chance for him to discover the city he’s called home for 35 years. He regularly leads groups down the BeltLine and Peachtree.