New Coke craze: ‘Stranger Things’ collaboration has soda in hot demand

Coca-Cola Bringing Back 80s' Drink for 'Stranger Things' Season 3

But trying to get the commemorative cans leaves some fans flat

New Coke is in high demand — hey, stranger things have happened.

When Coca-Cola changed its soft drink formula in 1985, Atlanta fans were less than enthusiastic.

"They messed up," Marvin Lites said at the time. "You don't change a thing when you got something as good as Coke."

» When New Coke made its disastrous debut

That recipe for disaster is now all the rage, thanks to the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Filmed in Atlanta and set in 1985, the show will feature New Coke in multiple episodes of season three as part of an integrated advertising package.

And Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co. is selling the beverage again, for a limited time.

The high demand was more than Coke could handle, however. The only thing “refreshing” for some fans was the webpage.

» What is New Coke? Coca-Cola drink to return to 'Stranger Things'

If you aren’t successful ordering online, you have another chance.

The first 1,000 guests June 4-6 who buy a full-price, general admission ticket on-site at the World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta will each receive a 12 oz. can of New Coke, the 1985 original recipe, while supplies last. This offer does not apply to online ticket purchases.

» Coca-Cola releases first new flavor in more than 10 years

Many fans were successful, however.

Most people on Twitter were just confused as to why people even wanted New Coke.

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