Meals on Wheels to provide Westside residents with secure box to place deliveries

The partnership between Meals on Wheels and BoxLock is meant to enable secure, contact-free deliveries

Meals on Wheels Atlanta has formed a partnership with Boxlock, a company that makes boxes with smart padlocks, to offer contact free delivery to its clients on Atlanta’s westside.

By placing the food deliveries in the secure boxes, Meals on Wheels is able to “deliver meals to senior citizens in a safe, secure and contactless manner, in line with social distancing guidelines.”

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The box and padlock combo, which retail for $240, are being delivered to Meals on Wheels clients and at-risk individuals in westside neighborhoods at no cost.

The partnership was spearheaded by D3 Engaged, a community task force.

“BoxLock, Meals on Wheels, and CivicGeorgia jumping into action to serve our District 3 seniors and at-risk residents represents the collaborative approach that defines our city,” Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown said in a release.

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BoxLock started in 2017. The technology allows delivery drivers to press a lock on the box, which then scans the package’s tracking number. Packages with the correct delivery destination unlock the box, which notifies the owner that their package has been delivered to the box.

According to the company, it helps reduce the number of lost or stolen packages.

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“At-risk individuals – whether by age or those who have a weakened immune system – are now relying more than ever on secure, contact-free deliveries of their meals, groceries and other critical supplies,” said Brad Ruffkess, CEO and Founder of BoxLock, said in a statement. “This program eliminates the interaction between the individual and driver, and ensures that these essential deliveries are safe upon arrival. “

If you or someone you know wants to apply for the program, details can be found here.