Lyft launches pilot program in Atlanta to deliver essential goods

It started with a delivery on a Friday to every firefighter who was on duty on that day.

Lyft rolled out the Essential Deliveries program in select cities, including Atlanta

Through a pilot program from ride-sharing company, Lyft, giving some workers the ability to request delivery of essential goods.

The program, Essential Deliveries, gives government agencies, local nonprofits, businesses and health care organizations the ability to order goods like meals, groceries, life-sustaining medical supplies and hygiene products, which a Lyft driver will deliver, according to the company.

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Lyft rolled out the program in select cities across the country, including Atlanta. It’s also available in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio and Seattle, according to Lyft.

"As communities shelter in place, the need for items to be delivered to the doorstep is at an all-time high," Lyft's Lisa Boyd said in a statement. "Whether it's meals for high-risk seniors or medical supplies for individuals with a medical condition, Lyft's community of drivers is ready to help meet the needs of our communities while earning additional income."

In coming weeks Lyft says it hopes to expand the program in Atlanta by partnering with Urban Recipes, a non-profit food co-op focused on helping low-income families, "to deliver food from food banks to low-income communities."

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Organizations interested in using the Essential Drivers program can fill out this intake form.

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