Little Caesars testing ‘Impossible’ pizza in select states

The Impossible Supreme pizza is topped with a meatless sausage made by Impossible Foods

Little Caesear's to Use Meat From Impossible Foods Sausage from the meat substitute company will be used on new pizza called the 'Impossible Supreme.' The chain will test out the pizza in three locations across the United States for a month. Little Caesear's will join thousands of restaurants and chains, such as Burger King, who use Impossible Foods. The sausage, which is plant-based, is a new item from the growing company, who recently raised $300 million. It comes as the demand for plant-based protein h

Little Caesars is making the Impossible possible for pizza lovers.

The pizza chain announced this week it is launching the Impossible Supreme pizza, topped with Impossible Sausage made from plants, caramelized onions, mushrooms and green peppers.

"Little Caesars has a long history of innovation aimed at providing our customers with value, quality, and convenience. Any product we introduce must deliver on those brand pillars while appealing to our loyal, mostly carnivorous, fans," Little Caesars president and CEO David Scrivano said. "I'm confident that the Impossible Supreme Pizza will go down as one of the most surprising and satisfying menu sensations of 2019. This is likely just the beginning of plant-based menu items from Little Caesars."

Burger King announced in April it is adding the Impossible Whopper to its menu nationwide.

The plant-based vegan patty — made of water, plant proteins, coconut oil and heme, a natural molecule that gives burgers their distinctive taste and is found in plants — is designed to look and taste like a traditional red meat burger, The AJC reported in 2017. The same technology used for the Impossible Burgers makes the Impossible Sausage possible.

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The Impossible Supreme Pizza is currently available in only three Little Caesars test markets in Florida, New Mexico and Washington state.

"Customers have been asking for Impossible Sausage for years — and when Little Caesars said they wanted a unique, delicious pizza topping, our team developed more than 50 prototypes,” Impossible Foods' CEO and founder Patrick O. Brown said. “One product stood out from the rest. You need to taste it to believe it."

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