Linda Litton-Martin, 67, of Roswell lost 20 pounds

Success story

Linda Litton-Martin, 67: From 145 pounds to 125 pounds

Former weight: 145 pounds

Current weight: 125 pounds

Pounds lost: 20 pounds

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Age: 67 years

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How long she's kept it off: "I started in January 2016 and reached this goal the end of July 2016," says Litton-Martin.

Personal life: "I (have been) married to Terry Martin for 34 years, and we have two daughters, Lauren and Niki, who are both married. I have one granddaughter who is 20 months old. Terry and I enjoy living in Roswell, and being able to walk to the many activities and restaurants here. I am now retired but enjoyed being a full-time mom for several years before I returned to working as a ministry assistant at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church."

Turning point: "After having lost and gained weight several times, most recently for my first daughter's wedding in 2011, I wanted to lose the weight again for my younger daughter's wedding in 2016. This time I wanted to keep it off and decided it was time to change not only what I ate, but also my way of life so I could maintain not only a healthy weight but a healthy lifestyle as well. (I work with) wellness coach, Jacynta Harb of Sparkle a New You."

Diet plan: Breakfast is oatmeal with fruit and almond milk, or avocado toast with an egg. Lunch is a salad with turkey or a turkey roll-up. Dinner is fish, or chicken with roasted vegetables. "I also use a meal service, Hello Fresh, for three dinners a week."

Exercise routine: "I walk three to four times a week and have exercise or yoga class two to three times per week. Those are my basics, but I am always willing to try new types of exercise. I'm working on walking a 5K each month and so far have completed four with another 5K and a 10K in the next two months. One of my goals is to do more hiking."

Biggest challenge: "Now that I'm at my goal weight, maintenance is the challenge…I continue to figure out the foods I can eat that are best for me and keep me healthy—not just convenient. Holidays have been a challenge too with sweets and extra events…Remember that social events are really about connecting with people, not the food."

How life has changed: "I have gone from a size 8/10 to a size 2 in dresses and pants….Health is in the mind, so I had to change the way I think, as well as how I eat and move… Keeping myself accountable for what I eat and my exercise and having a group, or someone to share the journey with, have made it work and keeps it working. (It) has given me the accountability and support I need… and also to keep challenging myself to keep trying new things–both in food and exercise.

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