Lifting one another up during difficult times

Two people hug Saturday morning outside a Forsyth County home where two children, aged 9 and 12, were killed in an overnight fire.

Credit: Ben Hendren

Credit: Ben Hendren

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Clearly, the coronavirus is testing everyone’s patience and resolve. Yet, amid the uncertainty, a resilient spirit thrives.

To provide a bit of a diversion from the news around us, we’ve asked our community contributors to share their personal stories of optimism during these troubling times.

Their stories will appear weekly. We hope you find them inspirational. We hope they provide you with some perspective. And we hope they remind you, as captured in some of their personal stories, that we are all in this together.

‘More kindness to others’

In today’s new world, things are very different, and scary too. Each of us faces different challenges, both personally and professionally.

But this new unknown can also change our behaviors and bring about new ways of thinking.

I’m already seeing people show more kindness to others as we greet each other with a smile when walking our dogs (while social distancing) or passing one another on our bicycles.

We can be grateful for the outdoor areas we have – so many spots where we can take a breath of fresh air, without gathering in groups.

Kindness is being shown by the volunteering so many continue to do, and others are also joining, including Crossroads Community Ministries and Clyde’s Kitchen.

We are learning for the future. This will be in the history books, and our children will tell their children what life was like when the world, and school, was canceled. So, let’s talk to children in age-appropriate terms to help them understand this historical reality and its significance.

New ways of thinking at home?

How many times have you said, “when I have time…”? Right now, you might! I see more kids and families in the park, enjoying extended family time. Now could even be the perfect time for that postponed closet cleaning (not quite as fun).

New ways of thinking at work?

Businesses are learning different ways to adapt and innovate, and these don’t all need to be in the interim. We’ll have improvements in work lives based on what is being tried and learned now.

Remember, take a walk and smile and say hello to everyone you see.

We are in this together, and we will get through it together.

This story was written by Cathy Lussiana, a community contributor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lussiana lives in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. She is a retired human resources professional who now enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandchildren, biking and writing.

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