6 ideas for a healthier Easter basket

Plastic Easter eggs can be filled with stickers and coins, and other small toys.

Plastic Easter eggs can be filled with stickers and coins, and other small toys.

Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together for the kiddos.  And while the Easter Bunny is not going fill up a basket with broccoli and Brussels sprout, there’s no reason for the basket to be loaded with sugar either.

Sugary candies may be easy to buy, but did you know that one pre-filled plastic egg can contain more than 30 grams of sugar? That is the same amount of sugar as what’s in two ice cream sandwiches. By mixing toys, coins and books into the mix, the Easter bunny can dial back the sugar - and amp up the fun.

Here are some fun and easy tips provided by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Strong4Life for a healthier Easter basket:

1. Get creative with the plastic eggs. Fill your own colorful plastic eggs with items such as Easter erasers, rings and toy cars. These little items are fun and only cost a couple of dollars.

2. Dial back the chocolate. Chocolate bunnies may be a staple around this time of year, but this springtime favorite can actually contain over 100 grams of sugar. Trade the chocolate bunny for something special like a kite. Kites can be inexpensive, even as low as $7, plus your kids will love running around and watching them fly high.


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3.  Skip the cookies. Candy might be the common sweet around this time of year, but remember to shy away from other Easter goodies such as cookies with icing. These kid-favorite treats can be loaded with almost 19 grams of sugar per cookie.

4. Opt for toys. Try swapping the cookies for a set of self-stick toss and catch targets. At only $5, this fun toy is a great price and will give hours of family fun.

5. Pass on gummies. A gummy twist on a kid-favorite treat is another Easter candy culprit. Swap the gummy bunny for some sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is a bright idea for families who want to head outside without leaving home.

6. Say no to Peeps (or at least some of them). Those little marshmallow treats might look harmless, but a package of 15 is actually packing more than 100 grams of sugar, which is equal to almost 30 crème-filled cookies. And at around $3 a package, the price quickly adds up. Trade those sugar-coated marshmallows in for a fun, small book your kids will love.

...More fun ideas for the Easter basket:

Zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo surprised them with the treats.

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