How to snag a free Italian dinner and wine from Whole Foods in Atlanta

At 70,000 square feet, Whole Foods opens its largest store in the Southeast in Midtown today. (Video by Ryon Horne, Kelly Audett)

What you need to know about getting a free, multi-course meal at Whole Foods in Atlanta

Whole Foods is bringing a taste of Italy to Atlanta.

The pop-up dining experience will bring together a team of culinary experts to guide you through a multi-course feast.

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The meal and event, which will be held at a not-yet-disclosed location, will be free for attendees, but space is limited. Starting at noon on Feb. 13, interested diners should be prepared to register on Eventbrite.

“Whole Foods’ cheese and wine experts will guide you through a menu of authentic Italian ingredients, including Italian wines, Prosciutto di Parma, IGOR Gorgonzola Dolce and more,” the Eventbrite post reads.

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The event is open to people at least 21 and older. Those who register in time will receive details about the location of the complimentary dinner in a confirmation email.