Seven Halloween costumes for your dog

Pets need to stay out of the Halloween candy, but not out of the costumed fun.

Your dog can join in with a silly or spooky look this October, whether you create a costume or purchase one from pet and seasonal retailers.

Fido won't be alone. About 20 million Americans plan to dress their pets in costumes, spending a sum of $350 million, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation.

Owners, unleash your creativity when planning your pets' Halloween outfits!

If you're looking for new ideas or are ready to give your dog more than a bone this Halloween, here are seven costume ideas inspired by celebrities, what's trending in the news and more.

1. Bring out their inner diva

All you need is a tutu and a tiara to turn your dog into a beauty queen princess. You can call your pet Honey Boo Boo this Halloween, or just call her Miss Canine America.

Several  years ago highlighted two dogs, Darci and Nelly, dressed up as Honey Boo Boo and her pet pig, Glitzy. Covered from head to toe in pink homemade costumes, the pooches scream, "diva!" You can still see them here.

Just don't let them drink too much Go-Go Juice.

2. Hand over the microphone

"We can't stop, and we won't stop" talking about dog costumes spoofing Miley Cyrus and RobinThicke's jaw-dropping performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

To parody the performance, pups have been spotted wearing black-and-white striped suits with doll versions of Miley attached to their backs (twerking optional). Don't worry, in one costume from a New York City parade, Barbie was appropriately clothed with Miley's signature teddy bear leotard.

3. Get "punny"

At only a foot tall, Welsh corgis are known for their mini status. Some might even call them a "small fry."

That nickname inspired Kenny the Corgi's costume in the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. The outfit: a McDonald's small fry, pun intended.

The corgi was crowned with a jumble of French fries and the "Golden M" marked his chest. Now, if only Kenny would stop growling at the approaching ketchup packet.

4. Pair up with your pet

Jump in on the costume fun and dress up with your dog this year. Putting a spin on TV shows, movies or cartoon characters can be a great way to start. Your pet can be Yoda or Chewbacca to your Princess Leia, for example. Or make your dog part of a "Game of Thrones"-inspired ensemble, as seen on The Today Show and Pinterest.

One pet owner and her Labrador retriever trick-or-treated as Big Bird "Dog" and Oscar the Grouch from "Sesame Street."

Yellow feathers and felt were combined to blanket the dog's body while four pink socks were cut into leggings to mirror bird legs, according to a post at

And of course, there is no Big Bird without big eyes and a beak, which sat atop the dog's head as a visor. The Oscar the Grouch costume used a store-bought Oscar T-shirt with a collapsible laundry basket (spray-painted silver) around the owner's waist.

5. Give your dog a job

Some kids choose costumes based on what they want to be when they grow up. Costumes for canines also can be career-themed, too, such as a fire fighter dog, fire chief dog, pilot dog and police dog, complete with handcuffs.

Hilarious outfits include Party City's police dog costume, which is worn as a jumpsuit on the front of the dog's body, and comes with a hat, handcuffs and a walkie talkie.

For dogs with a bit of a dangerous streak – or constantly in the doghouse – stores offer prisoner-themed costumes, complete with the ball and chain.

And yes, like with kiddos, there are super hero costumes for pets, including Batman, Superman and others that tie into popular movies, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Or make your own "Guardians of the Galaxy" costume – and see if looking like Rocket Raccoon confuses your dog.

6. Paint it on

Instead of using a traditional costume, another option is to spray on an eye-catching design with a product called Pet Paint.

The spray is veterinarian tested, according to the company, and comes in various colors. Transform your pet into a zebra or into your favorite Disney character, like this dog on, sprayed to resemble Sulley from "Monsters, Inc."

7. Embrace the season

Bring out the "awwws" by dressing up your pooch in Unleashed by Petco's pumpkin costume.

The corduroy costume has a jack-o-lantern motif that covers most of your pet's body. The costume comes in a wide range of sizes, from x-small to 3x-large.

Even if your dog pulls off the adorable matching hat, the outfit still could be a contender for a "best costume" award – as if you need any validation of your dog's cuteness.