How to (politely) hate your presents

Tip 1: The easiest thing you can do is appreciate the wrapping paper. Someone took the time to conceal the crumminess inside; complimenting those flawless ribbon curls is always a nice gesture.

Tip 2: Modern Manners Guy said once you open the present, you should always smile, nod and say thank you. Leave the commentary for the car ride home. But, if you must say something, the next tip will aid in that conquest.

Tip 3: Comment with care. Use phrases like "I don't have one of these!" and "this is so original!" It spins your distaste into a declaration of appreciation, all while secretly throwing shade.

Tip 4: Be patient. Someone else will open the next awful item soon, and the spotlight will go from your fake smile to theirs.

After all the acting is over, let's just hope you are #blessed with a gift receipt and knowledge of the store's return policy.

Or, you can just take a note from this girl. (Video via ABC)