Here’s what Halloween could look like in 2025

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In the next decade, Halloween could become a lot more tricked out thanks to some potential technological developments.

According to Windstream, an Internet service provider, the future of Halloween could be a lot sweeter for both parents and costume-clad trick-or-treaters.

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In "Smart 2025: The Future of the Connected Home and Community," the company says children may use 3D printers to build costume props, people could virtually tour haunted houses, mobile apps would point to houses welcoming trick-or-treaters and other apps would allow parents to monitor their children's health and safety from a distance.

Windstream's report explores possibilities regarding the future of the connected home as an evolution of the modern connected home.

"At the end of 2013, 74% of US households had broadband, and 60% of the population had smartphones," says the report. "That defines a huge addressable market of close to 100 million households with the key foundations in place to support connected home devices and services."

An infographic created by Windstream shows what Halloween might look like in the future with their predicted developments. Check it out here.