Want to lose weight? Experts say these are the best diets of 2017

Trying to lose weight this year? If you plan on dieting, here are some expert-approved options.

Trying to lose weight this year? If you plan on dieting, here are some expert-approved options.

Like many Americans, losing weight is probably high on your eternal to-do list.

With the hundreds of weight loss diets out there, narrowing it down to even a few options is a feat. But U.S. News & World Report analysts recently published their latest ranking of best diets, including a ranking of best diets specifically for weight loss.

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For their seventh annual ranking, U.S. News editors and reporters spent several months reading medical journals and government reports to create in-depth profiles for the diets.

Then, a panel of nationally recognized nutrition, diet, obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease experts reviewed the profiles.

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When rating and reviewing the diets, the experts took into consideration things such as how easy the diets were to follow, their ability to produce short-term and long-term weight loss, their safety and more.

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U.S. News analysts then converted the experts' ratings into scores, ultimately constructing nine sets of best diets rankings: best diets overall, best commercial diets, best weight-loss diets, best for diabetes, best heart-healthy, best for healthy eating, easiest to follow, plant-based and best fast weight-loss diets.

Here are the top 10 best diets overall:

1. DASH Diet

2. Mediterranean Diet

3. MIND Diet

4. The Flexitarian Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, TLC Diet, Weight Watchers Diet (tie)

8. The Fertility Diet, Volumetrics Diet (tie)

10. Jenny Craig Diet, Ornish Diet, Vegetarian Diet (tie)

Here are the top 10 best diets specifically for weight loss:

1. Weight Watchers Diet

2. Jenny Craig Diet, Volumetrics Diet (tie)

4. HMR Program

5. Biggest Loser Diet, The Flexitarian Diet, Raw Food Diet, Slim-Fast Diet, Vegan Diet (tie)

10. Ornish Diet, Spark Solution Diet (tie)

More about the Best Diets ranking and its methodology. 

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