Janelle Monae says pescatarian diet gave her mercury poisoning

Atlanta singer and actress is also trying to find the right time to have a baby

Janelle Monáe to Star in Season 2 of Amazon Series 'Homecoming' She replaces Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, whose contract for the show did not extend past the first season. According to 'The Hollywood Reporter,' Roberts' departure revolves around the psychological thrillers storyline. 'THR' adds that despite Roberts leaving the show, she will still stay on as an executive producer. In terms of the program's new leading star, the Grammy-winning Monáe will play a woman with amnesia. When viewers first meet he

She seems to be doing it all — singing, performing, acting — and lately she’s been doing it while recovering from mercury poisoning.

Atlanta's Janelle Monae stopped eating meat and instead adopted a pescatarian diet, which can be healthier because fish is lower in saturated fat.

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A pescatarian diet is much like a vegetarian diet, except fish and seafood are allowed.

According to WebMD, the omega-3 acids in fatty fish like salmon and mackerel can help lessen plaque that builds up in arteries and lower your odds of getting an irregular heartbeat.

But eating too much of some kinds of fish, like tuna and swordfish, can be harmful because they have higher levels of mercury.

The FDA even lists these as "choices to avoid" for pregnant women and children.

That's important, because Monae told The Cut in a recent interview that she's looking for the right time to take a step back and have a baby. But she wants to ensure she's healthy enough, and the mercury poisoning was so bad she "started feeling my mortality," she said.

During the illness, however, she continued to work. Her new film, "Antebellum," will be in theaters in April.

Monae, who has earned eight Grammy nominations and starred in Oscar-bait movies ("Moonlight," "Hidden Figures"), also will star in the second season of Amazon's "Homecoming."

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Read Monae's full interview with The Cut here.