How these 3 North Fulton County residents lost 100-plus pounds

Losing weight and keeping it off can be a definite challenge. If you're looking for inspiration, you'll find it in these North Fulton County residents who have shared their weight loss success stories with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Each has lost 100-plus pounds and in the process, gained confidence and a healthier lifestyle.

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John Attaway of Sandy Springs lost 105 pounds, slimming down from 305 pounds to 200.

He was able to achieve some weight loss on his own, but eventually his weight plateaued. He talked to a friend who had recently joined Weight Watchers and decided to do the same. He refers to this second phase of weight loss as “the salad days.”

Attaway then moved on to following his own eating plan, which includes a lean protein pita sandwich with chips and carrot juice for lunch and fish or chicken with vegetables for dinner. He also works out four or five days a week, varying his activities between lifting weights, spin or cardio and yoga.

He brings up an interesting point about weight loss, pointing out that it’s not a cure-all for every problem in life.

“Fat or thin, your problems are pretty much the same. …” he said.

Adam Jordan of Alpharetta lost 109 pounds to trim down from 385 pounds to 276. He started losing weight in April 2015 and reached 276 pounds in June.

Jordan was motivated by the physical demands of his job in the movie and TV industry, where he's had to stay on his feet for 14-hour days and carry around 385 pounds. In addition, his father died of a heart attack in 2010 at the age of 54.

Although he knew he needed to make a change, Jordan, like almost everyone who has tried to lose weight, tried and failed a few times. Motivated by some photos in which he thought he looked very unhealthy, he joined Weight Watchers.

He has changed his eating habits to emphasize protein and vegetables and healthier overall choices. Exercise consists of strength training, walking and biking.

Jordan has been amazed by the support that others have given him, and sums it up with the following: "The best thing I can say is to get started. ... Just do something."

Amy Plummer of John's Creek lost 107 pounds to go from 252 pounds to 145 pounds.

She began to become very concerned about her health when she was told she was in danger of developing diabetes. Plummer had to take medication and test her blood sugar, but when a gym opened up near her home, she took the opportunity to start working out.

Exercise, including Indoor cycling and weight training, became part of her routine. This, combined with a low-carb, low-calorie diet, helped her lose the weight, and she has even become a certified indoor cycling instructor to help motivate others.

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