Here's what these Atlanta health food experts eat for a snack


Here's what these Atlanta health food experts eat for a snack

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These are Schronce’s Fried Peanuts, featuring both red-skinned and black-skinned peanuts. Photo credit: Arty Schronce.

When you dole out nutrition advice for a living, what do you dip into at snack time? Two Atlanta dietitians shared their personal snacking strategies, with tips that ordinary folks looking to eat healthier can use starting now:

Nicole German Morgan

RDN, LD and CLT, Nicole's Nutrition in Buckhead 

Morgan focuses on thyroid nutrition, weight management, and reducing inflammation through food sensitivity and allergy testing. To combat spats of hunger, she keeps carrots and hummus or nuts and fruit handy for snacking. "I typically choose whichever fruit is in season at the time which keeps my snacks fresh and more exciting," she said. "All of those choices are easy to grab and offer a balance to keep my energy going strong and keep me feeling full throughout the day."

Margaret Schwenke

CEPC and CHHC, Margaret Schwenke in Atlanta

Schwenke helps clients discover what might be getting in the way of their health and wellness goals and customizes strategies to help them achieve the health and life they envision. Her areas of focus include emotional eating, mindfulness strategies, willpower and weight loss.

"For mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks I'm reaching for a blend of protein and fat to keep me going," Schwenke said.

A few of her choices include a banana with almond butter, a hard boiled egg or half an avocado. Schwenke also makes a homemade trail mix of almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, unsweetened cherries and cacao nibs and grabs a handful at snack time.


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