Best-kept secrets for eating healthy and staying cool at a Braves game

If you're going to an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field in the venue's last year, you'll want to stay as healthy as possible and not worry about blowing your nutritious eating plan or beoming overheated. Here are some ways to stay healthy and cool while you enjoy a game at The Ted.

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Try these healthier food options:

The Burgerizza

When you think of ballpark food, a hot dog probably comes to mind, or maybe even a monstrosity like the Burgerizza, which is just what it sounds like – a burger topped with cheese and bacon with a pepperoni pizza on the top and bottom. While it won't ever be mistaken for a health food, it's really designed to be shared by several people, said George Raub, operations manager of Delaware North Sportservice, food and beverage provider for Turner Field and SunTrust Park. "Divided by four people, you're back to a serving size," he said.


Options such as veggie burgers are available if you'd like to have a traditional ballpark treat. If you're following a gluten-free diet, a concession stand specifically dedicated to these foods is located in section 106. Other options throughout the ballpark include hot dogs without the bun or with a gluten-free one and even gluten-free beers.

Cumberland Farm Wrap

If you're a member of the 755 Club, or if your printed ticket grants you access to the club, you can try the Cumberland Farm Wrap. It's prepared with seasonal grilled vegetables, romaine lettuce, arugula and tomatoes in a whole wheat wrap. Chick-fil-A also offers wraps.

The Mediterranean Platter

This dish, also offered at the 755 Club, is a healthy choice. The platter features lemon-garlic hummus, tabbouleh salad, olive-feta salad and pita chips. "It's almost like a healthier play on chips and dip,"said Rory Bancroft, executive sous chef at Turner Field.


Additionally, the club provides a Chop Chop Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad and Fruit Plate.

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These tips can help you survive the heat so you can enjoy the game:

Choose a night game

Night games that start after 7 p.m. are quite common. In fact, most games, other than Sunday games, tend to fall into this category. It can still be hot in the evening, of course, especially during the early innings, but you won't be dealing with the strong sun directly overhead throughout the entire game.

Choose a seat under an overhang

Some seats are available under an overhang. They'll help shield you from overhead sun, although you may still catch some rays from an angle. If you'd prefer these seats, they're available in a variety of sections, so ask when you're buying tickets. As a bonus, if it starts to rain, you'll be able to stay in your seat and keep dry.

Try the Coolray Cool Zone

A large overhead fan with a mister is located in Fan Plaza at the main entrance of Turner Field. Push a button to make it mist, and enjoy that "aahhhh" feeling as you cool off.

Stay well hydrated

You can bring small soft-sided coolers to Turner Field, so you may want to bring cold bottles of water or sports drinks for your group. Afterward, stay hydrated by buying additional drinks at The Ted or taking advantage of the Braves' "hydration stations." These water coolers with free cups and water are set up during day games and when the heat index reaches a certain level for evening games. You can find them at the following Guest Relations locations: 420 and 437 (upper level), Fan Center at 132 (main level) and at Monument Grove.

Know where to seek refuge

The 200 level concourse is known for being a refuge from the sun. Fans gather in this area to watch the game from a shady area that often catches a breeze. In addition, several areas throughout Turner Field have picnic tables with large, mounted fans situated nearby.

Get help if you need it

If you're getting overheated, ushers are available in every section to assist you. Also, first aid stations are located throughout the stadium at the following locations: field level at aisle 146, terrace level at aisle 211, club level at aisle 311 and upper level aisle 409.