Grocery store throws Christmas carolers off property

Young girls told they had to go

The store told the two little girls they would rather have a Silent Night and they would have to Jingle their Bells somewhere else.

The girls had been caroling outside the grocery store for an hour or so when an employee approached them with the bad news.

One of the girls told KATU-TV the employee said "our policy is, like, we don't allow carolers or something like that."

The girls say they weren’t asking for money and didn’t get a single complaint from shoppers at the WinCo grocery store in Vancouver, Washington.

The girls said they only had one goal, “to give a warm fuzzy feeling to anyone who walked by.” One of the kids' moms was twerked off enough to go back to the store and ask why the girls were tossed.

One of the young ladies was eveen signing the carols in case there were hearing impaired customers at the store.

She was given the phone number to a corporate lawyer who told her it was likely the girls could go back and sing without being hassled.

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