Georgians are Googling cooking tips for this food during pandemic

The Daily Meal researched trends in each state to determine the top unique searches

It seems everyone is discovering their inner cook during the coronavirus pandemic — and they aren’t limiting themselves to bread.

The Daily Meal researched each state’s Googling habits to see what people are need cooking tips for, and the results ranged from artichokes to spaghetti squash (no state was searching for zucchini).

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But only Georgia was searching for tips on cooking cabbage.

The Daily Meal suggests you "start by peeling the outer layers of leaves off. Then, cut the cabbage into wedges and season it with your preferred seasonings. After that, fill a pot with about an inch of water and bring it to a boil. Put the wedges in the water and let them simmer on each side for about 10 minutes, covered. Once they're tender, pour the water out and let the cabbage simmer until most of the moisture is gone. Pair it with some bacon for a true Irish dish."

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But, as the AJC wrote in January: "Cabbage adds sweetness to soup, crunch to dishes, and can star in side dishes prepared with few ingredients. It can be used as stuffing wrapper, as a scooper for ground meat, or cooked down until luscious and silky in a soup."

Check out these 24 recipes for cabbage you probably never considered, including cabbage salsa and red cabbage beet slaw with cranberries.

You can even up your coleslaw game by making Kevin Gillespie's boiled dressing, the recipe for which he shared with AJC readers.

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