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My Dad's Turkey Chili Recipe from Souper Jenny Chicken soup from Pancho's Mexican Restaurant Butternut squash soup from Seed Kitchen & Bar House pho from Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup Spicy hot pot from Northern China Eatery Great Matzo Ball Soup from General Muir (different dish pictured) Tortilla soup from Agavero Cantina (different dish pictured) Tomato basil bisque from Farm to Ladle (different dish pictured)

Even with random 60-degree days, it's time to start thinking about cold-weather foods. Nothing can warm you up on a chilly day like a good hot soup. The heat from the temperature or spices can be just the thing to fix what ails you.

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We surveyed readers for the best soup in Atlanta as part of our ongoing seriesLast year, Souper Jenny swept the poll, while Farm to Ladle took it the year before.

This year, the winner is...

My Dad's Turkey Chili at Souper Jenny won with 19 percent of the vote. The Atlanta chain is known for their good food. We called their fruity, chilled gazpacho one of Atlanta's best dishes.

Chicken soup at Pancho's Mexican Restaurant in DeKalb came in a close second. Pancho's also made our list of the best guacamole in this city.

Seed Kitchen & Bar's butternut squash soup came in third. Seed Kitchen & Bar has long been an AJC staple, from our first look at it in 2011 to publishing the recipe for their excellent miso mustard recipe.

Other dishes on the list included the house pho at Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup, the spicy hot pot at Northern China Eatery, the Great Matzo Ball Soup at General Muir, the tortilla soup at Agavero Cantina and tomato basil bisque at Farm to Ladle.

If reading this has made you hungry, try our tips for making a soup, courtesy of Souper Jenny, or five soup recipes to keep you warm.

You can also take a gander at this excellent lentil soup recipe from Petite Auberge, the mix for Cantaberry's Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and no-cream creamy mushroom soup.

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