Which meal kit delivery service is right for you? Comparing Blue Apron, Green Fresh and 4 more

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Just a few years ago, meal kits exploded onto the market, filling a sweet spot between made from scratch and carry out. A single kit comes complete with everything you need to cook a meal at home, all perfectly measured out and ready to prepare. With kits for every taste, diet and health restriction, consumers quickly found their favorites and services that were too weird or specific fell by the wayside.

Now, with everyone stuck at home in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, it seemed like a good time to update our roundup of the top meal kit services (with a little help from Consumer Reports). Whether you’re a meat-and-potatoes family or a gluten-free vegan who demands fresh ingredients, there’s a service for you.

Just because we’re sheltering in place, doesn’t mean we have to eat like it’s the end of the world.

Blue Apron: The classic, safe bet


Credit: Blue Apron

Credit: Blue Apron

This is the best-known meal-kit delivery option, and with its varied menu and easy-to-follow instructions, it’s a safe bet for first timers. The portions are quite large, and the ingredients are high-quality and packaged meticulously.

Pricing: Three meals for two people: $59.94 ($9.99 per serving), Two meals for four people: $71.92 ($8.99 per serving)

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Purple Carrot


Credit: Purple Carrot

Credit: Purple Carrot

This company features an exclusively vegan menu and is known for its creative restaurant-quality meal options. However, there are no meal choice options; everyone receives the same three meals per week. Higher than average fat and sodium content.

Pricing: Three meals for two people: $51.94 plus $5.99 shipping ($10.99 per serving), Two meals for four people: $59.92 plus 7.99 shipping ($8.99 per serving)

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Green Chef


If you want to make fancy meals with fresh organic ingredients, Green Chef offers some easy options with huge portions. They’re also perfect for people with pretty much any dietary restriction as their offerings include options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, as well as kits for paleo and keto diets. Packaging is also recyclable or compostable.

Pricing: Three meals for two people start at $66.93 ($9.99 per serving), Two meals for four people: $94.91 ($10.99 per serving)

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Amazon Meal Kits


Amazon sells pretty much everything on earth, so it’s no surprise that they have meal kits too. From Italian truffle risotto to spice miso ramen, the selection is huge. Best of all, the meals are all sold separately, so you don’t need to commit to a week’s worth of meals.

Pricing: Meals (which serve four people) start at about $30.00.

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Known for its healthy options, Veestro offers the choice between a chef-selected menu or a la carte meals. In addition to meats, vegan and vegetarian choices, they offer weight loss packages and smoothie kits. They also have a great selection of desserts, which you won’t find with some services.

Pricing: As low as $9.90 per meal (with a 30 serving order)

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Home Chef


Easy-to-follow recipes with about a dozen weekly choices. Unlike most meal prep services, Home Chef lets you swap out items in the kits. They also offer ready-for-the-oven meals and slow cooker kits. Lower than average calorie, carbohydrates.

Pricing: Meals start at around $6.99 per serving. You can order a weekly menu or buy meals a la carte

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Sun Basket


This company offer way more meal options than the average meal-kit service, from classic cuisine to vegetarian and even diabetes-friendly meals. Meals are categorized as ready to prepare, pre-prepared (all of the chopping and cutting has been done) and oven ready. Packaging is eco-friendly.

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