Seek out vermouth as a dominant ingredient in complex cocktails

Yes, pour that vermouth into your martini.

Although the fortified, aromatized wine used to be a scorned ingredient in classic drinks like martinis and Manhattans, the cocktail world has again embraced vermouth and pushed it into a veritable renaissance. Cocktails are now even relying on the elegant vermouth as a primary ingredient, imbuing the drinks with complexity but not much alcohol. That’s the case for these three cocktails from a European spirits maker.

Created by famed owner and master distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, EuroWineGate’s La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is available in three different expressions: Extra-Dry, Blanc and Rouge. Each one is as good for drinking straight as it is for finishing off a classic cocktail.

Convinced yet? You’ll be putting vermouth in a variety of different drinks now.

Royal Cassis

1 2/3 oz. Vermouth Royal Extra Dry

1/3 oz. Creme de cassis

6 oz. soda water

Serve in a highball glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and use a liquorice stick as a stirrer.

French Negroni

1 1/2 oz. Vermouth Royal Blanc

1 1/2 oz. G’Vine Gin

1 oz. Suze

Pour all ingredients into an ice filled old-fashioned glass and stir.

Decadent Rouge

2 oz. Vermouth Royal Rouge

3/4 oz. orange juice

1 drop Angostura bitters

1 splash of club soda

Serve over ice in a tumbler. Garnish with an orange twist.

— La Quintinye Vermouth Royal