Cheetos: There is a name for that orange dust on fingers

Cheetos Creates Official Name for Cheese Dust Residue Frito-Lay recently announced the official name of the iconic cheesy dust that lingers on a person’s fingertips after eating Cheetos. In a press release, Frito-Lay dubbed the dust “Cheetle,” calling it an “iconic Cheetos seasoning.” Frito-Lay, via press release The cheesy finger phenomenon was previously referred to by many as “Cheetos Fingers.” Frito-Lay also announced the release of a new product, Cheetos Popcorn, that will utilize the newly defined “

Chester Cheetah informed the public last week it is not called ‘Cheetos Dust’

It’s orange and sticky and makes it impossible to touch anything after eating Cheetos. It’s Cheetos Dust. Actually, it’s not.

It’s Cheetle.

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it’s not Cheetos Dust, #itscheetle

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That’s the official name of the residue left on your fingers after a bag of the snack food.

It's not a new name, either. MSN reported the brand has tweeted about it since about 2015.

The reason Cheetos wants you to know this term now is because Cheetos Popcorn — available in cheddar and flamin’ hot flavors — is marketed as popcorn that “has been infused with Cheetle."

"We've seen the way Cheetos lovers don their red- and orange-dusted fingers like a badge of honor, and we're always looking for ways to help them step up their snacking game," said Brandi Ray, senior director of marketing for Cheetos maker Frito-Lay North America. "The only way to truly take popcorn to the next level is to add the iconic Cheetle, the cheesy dust that will entice Cheetos fans to snack on this popcorn all year long."

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