7 secret, unusual ways to stay fit in Atlanta

Let's face it, walking on a treadmill and lifting weights can occasionally become tedious and boring. If you're a person who need a little excitement and unconventionality in your life, good news - these seven innovative workouts will help you stay fit in an interesting and fun way.

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The POUND workout

If you find yourself air-drumming to your favorite music throughout the day, the POUND workout might just be your ticket to fitness. During this one hour class, you'll use weighted plastic drumsticks to pound on everything around you as you burn up to an astonishing 900 calories. Don't think it's only for the arms - this full-body workout utilizes Pilates, yoga and plyometric moves to work everything from head to toe.

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The Crunning workout looks as hilarious as it sounds, and seems like all the rage in other parts of the world, including China and Australia. A combination of running and crawling, crunning requires that you wear a helmet and gloves so that you don't get hurt if you end up doing a face plant on the pavement. Although you'll feel like a kid when you "crun", it's actually a pretty tough workout.

The circus workout

Throughout this one-of-a-kind workout, you probably won't even realize you are pushing yourself because it's so much fun. Locations like the Circus Arts Institute offer an exciting fitness program that will make you feel part of the show with circus acrobatics, strength and flexibility training. You'll get a chance to swing on a trapeze, climb the Spanish web, use circus rings, slide down aerial fabrics, walk the tight wire and more.

Paddleboard Yoga

If you enjoy yoga and hanging out on the water, you'll love paddleboard yoga. This exciting fitness craze will have you striking different yoga poses all on top of a floating paddleboard. The balancing involved in this style of yoga is supposed to engage more of your muscles, including your abdominal muscles and triceps. Check out Atlanta SUP Yoga for more information on paddleboard yoga in Georgia.

Trampoline group workout

You may not realize it, but jumping on your backyard trampoline actually give you a really effective workout. Nobody knows this better than Sky Zone in Roswell. During the Sky FITNESS classes, you'll strengthen and stretch your muscles while burning an insane amount of calories on their patented trampoline floors and walled courts.

Pokemon Go workout If you're one of the millions of people playing Pokémon Go, you might want to find out that you can lose weight and get fit by collecting items throughout PokéStops around town. All the calories you burn while walking and running during game play can really have a positive impact on your health. You can even make your Pokémon Go workout even more effective by interval training, where you alternate pushing yourself as hard as you can with periodic rests.

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