A safe place to exercise

Outside a renovated gas station at the corner of Sunset Avenue and Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, a half dozen women run through 45-second intervals of cardio exercises.

They run. They jump. They shore up their core for a full body workout.

Stephanie Tyson, 28, is hoping she can shed 85 pounds.

Losing weight would be a plus, but more than anything, Damaris Henderson, a 40-something HIV prevention specialist and counselor, just wants to get healthy.

Either way, the women say Urban Perform is the best thing that has come to this tired old neighborhood in a long while and if it means improving their health and general appearance, even better.

The gym, which moved to Vine City in March from a nearby warehouse, is part of what seems to be a growing trend of nonprofits targeting residents in so-called food deserts, where there’s not only little access to fresh, healthy and affordable food but virtually no safe or affordable exercise venues.

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