Boy in hospital seeks snow photos via #SnowForTyler

A boy in South Carolina is missing out on a rare snowstorm because he's in the hospital. His sister took to social media to ask people to send her brother Tyler snow photos, and the response has been overwhelming.

Michaela Shelley posted a photo of her brother Saturday, along with the following message: "We live in the south and Winter Storm Helena brought snow to our area (a very rare occasion might I add.) Tyler, my 11yr old brother with mitochondrial disease is currently very sick in the hospital. He is devastated that he won't be able to leave to go play in the snow. A friend of mine came up with the idea of making a hashtag called #SnowForTyler! If you could please post a picture on social media of snow! It could be messages written in the snow, snow sculptures or anything else snow related. Tyler would love to see snow from all around the world!"

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In addition to receiving plenty of snow photos, Shelley posted an image of her brother playing with a container of snow that was brought into his hospital room. "He's so happy," she said in her Facebook post.