Bishop Paul S. Morton launches eyewear line

Bishop Paul S. Morton leads one of the nation’s largest Christian ministries.

He’s an author and a Grammy-nominated, six-time Stellar Award-winning singer.

Now, the founder of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International and senior pastor of Changing a Generation FGBC can add another line to his resume.

Morton recently launched a line of eyewear that bears his name.

Paul S. Morton Eyewear, a partnership between Dr. Michael Acker and Morton, is now available online for $299 for the frames (

“I always like to do something entrepreneurial,” said Morton, who is also co-pastor of Greater St. Stephen FGBC in New Orleans. “I always teach people to get out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done before. I guess I was preaching to myself.”

Morton had a hand in designing the eyewear, which will bear his signature and a special “Sword of the Spirit” hinge. The phrase is found in Scripture in Ephesians 6:17.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the eyewear will go to Eyes of Hope, a charitable program that provides eyewear and runs mobile eye care clinics and vision-related projects around the world.

He said the glasses have designs that he would happily wear. “I don’t want to give anybody something that I wouldn’t want.”

Acker and his wife, Valerie, own Acker Optique in Atlanta. They are also members of Morton’s church.

Acker said the idea for the line came about a few years ago after Morton’s glasses were lost during travel.

He said the bishop called him and asked could he order a new pair. Acker said the glasses Morton usually wore were out of stock, so he ordered another design. After all, trends change, and perhaps he could do with a new look.

At first, Morton, who moved here after Hurricane Katrina, wasn’t too sure about the new glasses.

“He said these are not my glasses,” recalled Acker, who urged the bishop to just try them for a while. “He goes out of town for a funeral, and everyone complimented him on the new glasses.”

Patients who would go to Acker’s practice started asking for the “glasses like Bishop Morton has.”

One Sunday, Acker was standing with Morton as he greeted church members. Again, everyone complimented him on the new glasses.

“He looks over at me. I look over at him,” Acker said. “We kinda both said at the same time, ‘You should start your own eyewear line.’ ”

Followers have already taken to social media to post selfies of them wearing the glasses.

“God has already been good to me,” Morton said. “It’s not a personal thing for me. I want to inspire people out there, but I also want them to look good.”


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