Atlanta teens thank health care workers with hundreds of signs

This week, Wesleyan students thanked health care workers through ‘Signs for the Frontlines’ campaign

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This week, a group of metro Atlanta students shared their gratitude for local health care workers with a display of hundreds of signs.

The campaign, “Signs for the Frontlines,” was organized by Wesleyan School student Carson Schiller.

According to the school, Schiller invited students grades K-12 to submit artwork in support of frontline workers. This week, a small group of students set up the display of 250 signs at Northside Hospital.

The signs display messages like “Superheroes in Scrubs” and “Thank you health care heroes.”

“I got the idea because a good family friend is a nurse at Northside,” Schiller said in a statement published by the school. “Knowing how hard they are all working, I wanted to find a way to show them that their community really appreciates their hard work.”

“Seeing everyone’s hard work come together this week was great but knowing the degree of encouragement we hope the healthcare workers feel driving by the signs each day is what really makes me smile,” Schiller, a junior at Wesleyan, said in the statement.