Atlanta organization offering summer music classes at ‘pay what you can’ rate

Throughout May, June and July, the Atlanta Music Education will offer virtual music classes every day

Not only will kids be home from school like a typical summer. This year, many camps have also been canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak, which means parents are having to get creative in ways to keep their children occupied.

But even summer camps that have pivoted to virtual options can still come with a hefty price tag, which is why one Atlanta organization is offering virtual summer music classes at a “pay what you can” rate.

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The music school Atlanta Music Education has been around for more than 10 years, but amid the coronavirus outbreak, they’ve had to pivot like all other local businesses.

"It's very scary. Businesses are having to close, freelance artists freelance musicians are losing entire incomes. So my goal was that I have to start thinking outside the box," Elexa Bancroft, the music school's co-founder, told 11Alive.

That’s why throughout May, June and July, Bancroft and her team of teachers will host virtual music classes everyday via Zoom.

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They are asking participants to consider a $5-$10 donation or to “pay what you can.”

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More information on the classes and how to register can be found here.